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  1:10 Scale BMW M3 Coupe Nitro RC Car - Ready To Run
1:10 Scale BMW M3 Coupe Nitro RC Car - Ready To Run
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1:10 Scale BMW M3 Coupe Nitro RC Car - Ready To Run

This is a BMW RC nitro car, an M3, and it has all of the features that you want in a remote controlled nitro powered car! These features include:

  • -A shaft-driven 4wd system that is superior to belt-driven systems on other RC nitro vehicles, which means you don't have to worry about belt tension and deflection, and forget about slippage!

  • -A No-Flex Aluminum chassis, that is both lightweight and sturdy, letting the suspension stiffness be raised without worry!

  • -A Servo-Saver Linkage System, and Front U-Joint let you worry about winning the race, not replacing servos or power transmission!

  • -High Traction Tires so you can really pull the car around corners, then get right back on the gas without delay!

  • -Precut Foam Bumper, to protect the sensitive electronics from damage if you were to hit something at the amazing top speed of 65mph!

rc nitro 
BMW M3 front rc nitro BMW M3 back

The crisp red color, and striking appearance of this M3 are sure to get noticed when you run this beast, and this gas powered RC Car has another feature in common with the real M3, a high-revving and powerful engine. This .15 nitro engine is as melodious as the real M engine at high RPMs, and you cannot help but smile as it sings to all in attendance thru its tuned pipe, yet it is also a stout and reliable performer. This nitro BMW RC car uses an advanced 4WD system that distributes the torque efficiently, resulting in less wasteful wheelspin, letting those high-traction tires focus on their real task, turning, yet at the same time sending you flying down the straights, and powering around the corners!

  • Fully Assembled Nitro RC Car Chassis and Radio
  • Powerful 15CXP Nitro RC engine, pull start, equipped with carburetor, air filter, and muffler.
  • Shaft Driven Four Wheel Drive system
  • built-in front and rear bearing differentials!
  • No-Flex Aluminum Chassis
  • Servo Saver Linkage System
  • Oil filled dampers
  • Sturdy, weight-saving aluminum chassis
  • Disc brake system
  • Front U-Joint
  • High Traction Tires
  • Precut Foam Bumper
  • Top Speed:55-65 MPH

Important Dimensions:

Length ---------------------380mm
Tread (F/R)---------------------192mm
Wheel Diameter (F/R)---------------------66*26mm
Weight ---------------------1650g

rc nitro BMW M3 spec rc nitro BMW M3 spec

This car shares a 90% part commonality with other brands such as Traxxas, HPI & etc. You can change the body shell into that of a Mercedes, Mustang, Skyline & more! You can upgrade/modify the car with commonly available parts! You can also add new tires, suspension & more!

****These cars are Smartech Gas Cars. All Gas Cars under Smartech products have a 6 month WARRANTY on the Engine and Radio Control. The Warranty card can be returned back to our Service Center in California. All the information is included with your Gas Car.******

rc nitro BMW M3 spec rc nitro BMW M3 spec

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